Contracts of Employment

The contract of employment is the foundation of the employment relationship. The right contracts will protect the business and provide flexibility. 

Generally when there is an employment 'issue' or 'dispute' the first question is 'what does the contract say?'.

Clearly drafted contracts (and supporting documentation) can prevent disputes arising. If everyone is clear from the outset what the terms are (and what is expected) there is less chance of misunderstandings or disagreements. And if disputes do arise, they can generally be resolved more quickly, easily and amicably.

If you don't have the right terms and clauses in your contracts of employment you will not achieve the flexibility, control and protection that every organisation needs.

Practical HR work with clients to draft clear and comprehensive contracts (in non-legal jargon). This may mean changes to current terms or issuing written contracts for the first time.

In addition to our bespoke contract drafting services, we also offer our unique product Practical HR Templates - Employment Contracts that provides you with instructions and template documents so that you can draft your own contracts. 

We have a solution for every budget - so there is no excuse!