Saving Trees

One of our reasons for making HR digital with was to save trees! Because having all your HR policies and procedures online means you don’t need to print lots of copies of your employee handbook!

And having all your employee personnel files online means no more having to store paper records in filing cabinets.


Solar panels and energy reduction

We have gone solar!

We had solar (and a battery) fitted recently. It is currently producing a third of our energy and will do lots more in the spring and summer months.

We are so pleased we did this from both a cost and sustainability perspective.

We also got a grant from LoCase to help with the purchase and installation costs.  Thank you LoCase.


Going Electric

We have our first electric car. If you haven’t driven an electric car yet, you should! They are really responsive, and the Mini is so much fun. Combining this with the ability to charge using solar energy is just amazing.