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DAAWN - Domestic Abuse Awareness in the Workplace Now

DAAWN is featured in this great article in The Business Time in Essex magazine talking about this project which is being delivered in partnership with Practical HR, Chambers of Commerce and Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC).

There is a great opportunity for employers to support this initiative and to get some match funding up to £1500 to help implement the software to deliver the information, so you can raise awareness in your organisation.

Magazine Feature Business Times Autumn 2023
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We have supported the RSPCA for over 15 years providing regular donations. As a team of animal lovers, we want every animal to be treated well and have a caring forever home.

Our MD, Paula Fisher rescued her dogs a few years ago and they are now regularly visit the office. Say Hi to Lilly.

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Domestic Abuse

We are pleased to be working with Essex Chambers of Commerce and the Essex Policy, Fire and Crime Commissioner to help raise awareness about domestic abuse.

We are including a domestic abuse policy and awareness videos on our HR Portals, within the wellbeing area. There is also signposting information and other guidance. Our aim is to help raise awareness and reduce abuse or the escalation of abuse.


Hear what people using DAAWN software say