Here at Practical HR we take a very pragmatic and commercial approach to HR. Our Clients, who are mainly SME's, want to take a professional approach to HR / managing people, but they also want to get on with running their business!
We have therefore designed ways to support you that will make your life easier when it comes to HR, with products and services that save you time, worry and money. We can also help you minimise your exposure and risk when it comes to HR and employing people. 
From full HR consultancy services where we can help you with any workplace issue (including drafting all correspondence and attending those difficult meetings), through to our bespoke managed solutions ( that guarantee you are always up to date and that you have communicated required information to employees. We also offer cost effective online packages to help keep you compliant. Or you can start with our book that has been written specifically for SMEs.
If you are worried about claims or disputes we can also offer an optional insurance which, along with our managed service, provides a comprehensive risk management solution. 
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