Here at Practical HR we take a very pragmatic and commercial approach to HR. The majority of our Clients are SMEs and we understand the issues and concerns that they face when dealing with HR matters. 
Our objective is to make your HR easier. We do this in a variety of ways, from full HR consultancy services where we can help you with any workplace issue, through to bespoke online solutions (Your HR Services)  that will help you keep up to date at all times. We also offer cost effective HR online packages to help keep you compliant. Or you can start with our book that has been written specifically for SMEs.
You can also sign up to our free blogs and news to get regular updates and news about HR and employmet law.
If you are a Start-Up or Micro business, an Established busienss or going through Growth and/or Change, we can provide you with  the right HR support for your needs and budget.