Employment Law Updates

There are lots of updates happening in April 2024. Below is a short summary of the changes.

You can get updated policies and new policies from YourHR.guide and these will be available on the day the change comes into effect or as notified.  You can receive notifications when changes are available by going to YourHR.guide/ and signing up to a free account.

If you use YourHR.space, we will do all the updates for you! We will update all your policies and add the new policies required during week commencing 1st April. We will then send communications to all managers and employees so that they are aware of the changes (if you don’t have YourHR.space, maybe you should think of getting it to save yourself lots of time and guarantee you are always up to date and compliant!).

Summary Of Changes

Flexible Working  Date : 6th April

Carers policy Date : 6th April

Paternity leave  Date : 6th April

Maternity and Redundancy  Date : 6th April

Holidays  Date : 1st April

Statutory rates  Date : 6th April

For more information on the above visit the Upcoming Changes page on YourHR.guide.




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