is NOT just HR software!

Why is so unique, and no one gets it! is NOT just HR software!

Yes, it has a database and holiday management system. Yes, it has a reminder calendar and announcements and reports and the things you would expect from HR software.

And people assume that’s all it is. ………. But it’s much more.

What also includes is all your HR content, drafted and tailored for your business by HR experts

AND then the ongoing management of updates when there are changes in employment law.

AND it communicates any changes to employees. AND it has an online induction process for new starters.

AND it includes a wellbeing area with guidance and signposting for employees.

Protecting your organisation

All of this not only provides protection for the organisation, but also frees up valuable management time so you can get on with other aspects of your job.

How many times have you worried that your handbook is out of date or spent time communicating changes to employees? With it’s all done for you. You never have to worry again.  And this is important because if you are relying on out-of-date policies this can cause all sorts of problems and potential liability, and if you don’t communicate something, you cannot rely on it! sets clear boundaries and standards and provides a central place for employee to go for anything HR. It shouts out that you take a professional approach to HR.

It really is the easiest way to manage your HR.

Watch a demonstration and see for yourself why is NOT just HR software website 

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