If your HR Admin gives you an HR headache, here’s the easiest way to get organised, compliant, and streamlined.

HR Administration – accurate records and information

When you employ people, you will need to collect, process and keep personal data and information.

It is essential to have accurate records and information about your employees. This is necessary for legal compliance (e.g. data protection, right to work in the UK etc etc) and operational certainty.

Accurate information will also allow you to manage and monitor employees more easily (e.g. absence and holidays), improve efficiency and save time. It will also protect the business against potential fines and penalties.

HR administration covers a wide range of topics

HR administration covers a wide range of topics, from everything around new starters, managing employee data, absence and holiday monitoring, through to documenting changes of terms during employment and administration relating to leavers.

Family Friendly Rights

There is also admin around family friendly rights (maternity, paternity, parental leave etc), performance management, recruitment – in fact every area of employment has some administration element.

Getting the admin wrong or having records that are out of date or not accurate can lead to all sorts of problems and potential liabilities.

Streamline administration and save time

The easiest way to manage HR administration is to have a computerised HR system. This can streamline administration and save time.  Typical HR systems will allow you to more easily monitor absence (sickness, holiday, family friendly), manage employee data and files, collect data through online forms, and even automate the issuing of contracts of employment.

YourHR Space

YourHR.space is an ideal system that allows you to manage all the essential HR administration and also gives employees access to HR policies and procedures and working practices and provides information on wellbeing, so provides an effective communication platform as well managing administration.

Next Steps and Further Reading

You can use the templates and guidance on YourHR.guide to put in place all the HR administration needed, with HR forms and letters, template contracts of employment, and guidance on all areas of HR administration.

You can sign up for a FREE account and get (limited) access to guidance and templates and receive email updates about changes in employment law as they happen. Just visit https://yourhr.guide/ (please note that some content is restricted to Premium members only).

1. HR Administration

1a. Documenting Changes

2. Employee Files

3. Introduction to GDPR for HR

4. GDPR Principles

5. Step by Step GDPR

6. GDPR Breaches

7. Working Time Regulations

Templates & Downloads

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