Everyone likes a holiday – Holiday Entitlement

Holiday Entitlement. The one thing you can be sure of is that every employee will want to book and take their holiday.

Holidays needs to be managed and planned to ensure you have sufficient cover. You need simple but effective systems to ensure holidays in the organisation are managed correctly and effectively.

Every employee and worker is entitled to paid holiday

Every employee and worker is entitled to paid holiday. The minimum statutory holiday entitlement is currently 5.6 weeks or 28 days (or 20 days plus 8 bank holidays if you work five days or more).  Holiday is pro-rata’d for part-time employees.

Holiday Entitlement Clear Rules

You need to have clear rules around holidays; including how holidays are requested and authorised, how many people you can allow to take holiday at any one time, if any holiday is allocated (e.g. bank holidays, Christmas shutdown etc) and rules around carrying forward holiday etc. The guidance on YourHR.guide recommends rules for each of these and many other areas.   You also need to be clear about holiday pay. This needs to take into consideration any ‘regular’ payments an employee is paid, for example, regular overtime.

Calculating holidays

Calculating holidays for full time workers is quite straightforward. But how do you calculate holiday for part time staff, or those with no fixed contracted hours, or those working on shift patterns?

Next Steps and Further Reading

Use the guidance on YourHR.guide to help with calculating holiday which will take you through different situations step-by-step. It also refers to the latest government guidance on calculating holiday which have re-introduced ‘rolled-up’ holiday in certain situations.

You can sign up for a FREE account and get (limited) access to guidance and templates and receive email updates about changes in employment law as they happen. Just visit https://yourhr.guide/ (please note that some content is restricted to Premium members only).

1. Introduction to Holidays

2. Calculating Holiday

3. Holiday Rules and Policy

4. Holiday Rules Explained

5. Holiday Pay

6. Case Law on Holidays

7. Holiday use it or lose it!

8. Additional Bank Holidays

Case Study – Unauthorised Holiday

Templates & Downloads

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