Our on-line packages are designed for smaller organisations who have a limited budget (e.g. 1-5 employees).  They provide cost effective solutions, but ensure you meet legal requirement and have protection and flexibility.  

Practical HR Templates - Employment Contracts includes everything you need to make your own contracts of employment and make sure you comply with current legal requirements ... and more - for £199.00 (+ VAT) per annum.

Practical HR Templates - Employee Handbooks provides you with a comprehensive employee handbook template that can be amended to meet your needs. It includes all the policy documents we would recommend for a small business -  for £199.00 (+ VAT) per annum.

Our First Line Support website provides a reference point and information on all the key areas of HR, as well as providing template documents and policies, all for just £24.00 per month. is the ultimate solution as it provides you with a bespoke HR website that is managed and updated for you.