Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is a really useful document that allows you to not only meet some of your legal requirements, but also to communicate important information to employees.

What should be in the handbook?

An employee handbook will generally include all your key policy documents such as; disciplinary, grievance, equal opportunities, whistle-blowing, bribery and corruptions etc . It will also include information about about absence (an absence policy, how to report/notify absence, certification etc) and holidays (how to request holiday, any restrictions on holiday etc).  You can also cover information about all the family friendly rights (maternity, adoption, shared parental leave, paternity, flexible working, emergency leave). 

The handbook is also an ideal place to document your standards and codes of conduct.  This may include things like your dress code, use of mobile phones, punctuality etc.

For an example list of contact (from our Practical HR Templates - Employee Handbooks) CLICK HERE

Options to help you draft (or update) your Employee Handbook:

Practical HR Templates - Employee Handbooks - A cost effective, online 'DIY' package - Recommended for smaller ornanisations (e.g. up to 5 employees)

Our bespoke drafting service - Drafting by our expert consultant

Your HR Services - the ultimate on-line employee handbook, which is maintained and managed for you - Recommended for organisations who want