Why People like Your HR Services


When I say people - I mean those who look after HR within organisations and employees who use Your HR Services!

Lets start with those who have the unenviable job of looking after HR within an organisation. Many of our Clients are SME's and therefore have no HR department or if they do have an HR department, they have limited resources. The task of HR (with regards to HR documentation, policies and procedures, terms of employment etc) is generally given to someone who has other responsibilities. This could be the Office Manager, the Directors PA or the finance / payroll department. Even when there is an HR department, they are generally under resourced, inexperienced and just don't have enough time to do everything.

For many they therefore worry that their HR documentation is 'out of date' and do not have the time to spend reviewing policy documents and making sure everything remains up to date with all the changes that seem to happen around HR and employment law and when there is a change they find it difficult and time consuming to communicate any changes to employees.

This can mean that when there is an issue, you may have an out of date policy that cannot be relied on, or no policy or guidance at all. Employers then waste valuable time trying to confirm what version of the policy they are working to or trying to confirm if it was communicated... and the employee can often just make the excuse 'I didn't know -  I wasn't told'.

This also means that dealing with any issues takes longer and becomes more frustrating.

The beauty of Your HR Services is that your HR policies and all the content on the site is managed and updated by us. We then communicate it via email to all employees. We also make the employee responsible for keeping up to date with any changes on the site.

The result is that the person responsible for HR no longer has to worry about being up to date or communicating changes and everyone knows when latest version of any document was issued. Because policies, procedures and standards are communicated, the number of issues are actually reduced as people are more likely to comply as they have been told what is expected and if an issue should arise then it can generally be dealt with more quickly (and amicably).

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