Why do I need to keep my employees informed?


Do you ever hear your employees saying "I didn't know", "nobody told me" with regards to your policies and procedures?

For some organisations, the employee handbook is a dusty relic hidden in a filing cabinet only coming out when asked for. But what does that say to your employees? Ideally you would like your employees to be reviewing your handbook on a regular basis but hiding it away leads to mistrust "what is in there?" and "why don't they want me to see it?"

Having your handbook readily available gives transparency to your organisation; your employees know what is expected of them on a daily basis therefore making them feel more engaged and an integral part of the team.

This is especially relevant to new employees, by giving them access to employment information, policies and procedures from the very beginning of their employment, they will be fully aware of your organisations code of conduct and culture, reinforcing the behaviour and values that you require.

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