Why do employees like 'Your HR Services'

02/05/2016 We like to get feedback from employees and other users of our sites. This starts when we first launch a new site. The types of comments we get are:

"Everything is in one place and it's easy to use"

"it's so easy to navigate or find what you want"

"It makes everything so transparent"

The main benefit to an employee is clarity. All relevant HR documentation is readily available not hidden away thus illustrating that as an organisation employees are kept informed. Plus it gives every employee a level of responsibility to make themselves aware of key information that may affect them during their employment.

A Your HR Services site provides them with initial information they need as a new starter (with electronic new starter forms), through to standards of conduct (from dress code to what to do with your mobile phone during working hours), through to all key employment policies (e.g. disciplinary and grievance) plus information around key employment rights (maternity, flexible working and other family friendly rights).

They can read or view information anywhere they have internet access - on their PCs, tablet or even their smart phone.  Many Clients report how employees complete their holiday request forms outside of work hours as it is while they are at home they are looking at holiday dates.

Employees also like the fact that they can read up on certain topics without having to go to their Manager. For example, an employee who may want to apply for flexible working can read up on this before making an application and if they do want to make an application, they can do this via the online application form on the site.

There are just so many reasons why both Clients and their employees like Your HR Services.

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