WHO IS THE KEEPER IN YOUR CULTURE? - From our guest blogger, Ray Moore of Fluid Coaching


The culture in many corporate businesses often consist of beautifully crafted words published in corporate documents, websites and framed statements in reception areas that woefully misrepresent the culture experienced within the company.

In many SME's similar documents are cobbled together as a short term expediency to gain an accreditation or required in a quoting process.

Often seen as having no value to the day to day working of the business they are in effect worthless pieces of paper and are irrelevant and are consigned to gather dust in the backwaters of your office filing systems.

Management thinking may demand that the company vision, mission and culture statements enshrining the company destination, direction and values be defined and published to align all that enter the sanctity of the organisation.

But why are they so misunderstood and largely ignored?

Let's take a moment to consider the culture statement which defines the core values of the organisation. Together these form the rules and the boundaries that underpin the actions, decisions and behaviours of all team members.

Trust is the bedrock on which all great teams are built and the culture forms the blocks on which trust is formed and nurtured.

So,dust off those long forgotten statements and expose them to the sunshine to bring them back to life, acknowledge them and discuss them openly with your team to see if they are relevant today.

Take every opportunity to discuss them within your team. Let them understand why the values are important to you. Repeat them yourself a lot and above all live by the rules.

Be the keeper of your culture.

Based on concepts covered in  ‘The Levels- Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?  and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge? 

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