What should you do if an employee disagrees with minutes of a formal meeting?


Following a disciplinary or grievance meeting, the Company should provide an employee with a copy of the minutes or notes taken at the meeting. 

 Where the employee disputes the accuracy of the minutes or notes, you should ask the employee to provide a corrected version. If you agree that the employee's version is accurate, the amendments can be agreed. If however, you do not agree that the employee's version is accurate, you simply need to keep both versions on file.  Should the matter result in an employment tribunal claim, both versions of the minutes or notes can be referred to, with acknowledgement that what was said at the meeting has not been agreed.

If you think an employee is likely to be difficult and dispute that the minutes or notes are correct, you may want to consider recording the meeting and provide a copy of the recording to the employee. If you intend to do this, it is appropriate to notify the employee ahead of the meeting and get their agreement to do so.  You may want to have a clause in your disciplinary and grievance policy, saying the Company reserves to record such meetings. It's not necessary to transcribe the recording, unless it is required for an employment tribunal!

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