THE FOUR BEHAVIOURS SEEN WHEN FORMING A TEAM - From our guest blogger Ray Moore of Fluid Coaching


Isn't is so easy to pigeon hole employees based on the behaviour that we observe in the work environment. Their behaviour is dependent on many, many factors but often an accurate reflection of their underlying attitude is highlighted in how they intuitively react to a challenge or task that needs to be completed.

Recently, during a business coaching session, I was reminded by a client of four common responses he encountered to a recent business challenge. Over the years I have encountered similar experiences voiced by countless business owners when building a strong, resilient team.

I share his insight with his permission.

So here is an overview of the four responses.

The Willing Helper

Who enthusiastically get stuck in straight from the start. Without a moan or a second thought they understand what needs to be done, work on their own initiative and give it 100% until the task is completed. This group are first to offer help, normally without being asked.

The Shrinking Violet

Who initially hang back but once they see others get involved or are personally invited to contribute become enthusiastically involved. It may take more effort to get buy in but the effort will be worth it. Unfortunately, they are easy to overlook and they can shrink further into the background.

The Press-Ganged

Who make themselves look very busy to avoid being pressed into becoming involved. May feel put upon or obligated so make sure they do the minimum to say they helped and then escape at the first opportunity having done their bit.

The Ghost

Who mysteriously disappear at the first sign of pending involvement. Suddenly making themselves scarce and miraculously reappear when it is all over. Often totally oblivious to what has happened or occurred.

Is this a true reflection of the individual behaviour?

Well, I'm sure you will recognise most of the characteristics.

Interestingly, when building a team it is necessary to treat everyone as unique. One approach will not be appropriate to all.

It is a commonly held belief that business owners must lead from the front. It is easy to achieve that with your band of Willing Helpers. It is quick and comfortable to rely on them. They become your first port of call when anything needs to be done. But beware as it is very easy to abuse their goodwill whilst excluding others.

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Consider how as the leader you can enroll and inspire everyone in your team. Yes it may take more time and effort to involve everyone. Help them to understand why investing their time and energy is important and how you value there contribution.

Stop before leaping to conclusions.

Make sure you are looking at the true behaviour and not based on hearsay or a one off. Perhaps those that you may consider to be ghosts do have higher priority tasks to complete but make sure your view is based on facts not just on opinions. Check that your expectations are inline with reality. Look for repeating behaviours.

One of the keys to building a strong team is having everyone included and involved, 100% no exceptions.

This has to be two way. However, if they choose not to be part of the team then they are choosing not to be on your bus.

Based on concepts covered in  ‘The Levels- Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?  and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge? 

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