The buck stops here – The Final Score


"HR for SMEs - a practical guide" - The Book

"HR for SMEs" uses the analogy of Football to explain the purpose and importance of HR in any just go along with the analogy below....

The buck stops here - The Final Score

So who is responsible for HR in a SME? 

In a game of football, when things don't go to plan and the team is not playing well, who is held responsible at the end? It's not the players, referee or coaches who are held accountable. No, it's definitely the Manager that puts their neck on the line.

For any business owner/director of an SME, the same principles apply.

You will be the person who makes the tough decisions and be answerable for them. It is up to you to establish your business goals and rules as well as take the important decisions about who to have on (or remove from) your team. You need to continually review how the team is performing and make any necessary adjustments or changes. The outcome of each game and the team's position in the league at the end of the season is your responsibility.

An extract from "HR for SMEs - a practical guide"

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