TEAM MANAGEMENT - Is it time to raise the bar? - From our guest blogger, Ray Moore of Fluid Coaching


Do your team amaze you or frustrate you?

Interestingly, the missing ingredient for them to continually amaze you may be already in your hands.

So, if you feel that most of your people under perform then perhaps its time to look at the common denominator.



Hang on a moment that's a bit harsh.

Before you stop reading, think about it for a moment and see if it just might be the case.

In the early stages of growing a business it is so easy to be the solution provider, to always be there to take the decision, to always be right.

Quickly, you become the bottleneck to growth and soon you think and the team believe they are not capable of getting a decision right. They lose confidence in their own ability and so it becomes easier to ask you than to think it through to make a decision. Together, you have all stopped growing.

Is it any wonder that over the years I have found the missing ingredient is plain simple self confidence. Indeed, I have found the vast majority of employees are much better than they think they are! It's just they are not aware of their skills, knowledge and talents

Unlock that, give them permission to grow and they will amaze you.

But, before they can change you may have to change. You may need to give yourself permission to grow and then perhaps you will amaze yourself!

Beware of placing too low an expectation on yourself and your team because guess what, their actions and responses will just reinforce your belief.

Raise the bar, stretch them and allow them to grow. Be there to mentor and support them and allow them to see that they are better than they think they are and see what happens.

Catch them doing things right and congratulate them straight away. Don't leave it for another time or it will be lost. The magic moment to boost confidence is in that instant when you have caught them doing it right.

Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable praising a team member, maybe an older member of the team or a family member but do it anyway. Congratulate them and watch them light up as the energy flows.

Lastly, don't forget to congratulate yourself, because guess what?

You are better than you think you are!

This blog is based on strategies found in The Levels: Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge? and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge? By Ray Moore

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