SMEs, HR and the Employee Handbook


To start lets see if any of the following are familiar:

  • You work for an SME organisation
  • You are not trained in HR or are inexperienced with the topic
  • You have been tasked with HR in addition to your normal duties
  • The employee handbook needs to be reviewed.

Do you know where to begin?

What should be your main concerns?

  • Is the content up to date? Have there been any legislation changes that will require you to update your handbook? Have there been any developments in case law that you need to take into consideration?
  • Updating, printing and distributing the handbooks can be costly in both terms of money and time
  • How are you going to monitor whether all employees have received the handbook, been notified of the relevant amendments and confirmed their acceptance of the policies?
  • Do you need to plan for regular handbook reviews in order to maintain the content?

At Practical HR we understand that not all organisations can commit to providing a separate HR department and therefore the responsibility is normally given to someone on top of their normal day to day duties. With this in mind, Practical HR offers an online bespoke HR website (putting your Employee Handbook online) that is managed and updated by us (including notifying employees of any changes when they happen). It will always be compliant with legislation, saving you time and money.

Your HR Services is an effective and easy way of managing and communicating your HR policies, standards and procedures, allowing you to get on with other aspects of your job.

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