Rules of the Game


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"HR for SMEs" uses the analogy of Football to explain the purpose and importance of HR in any just go along with the analogy below....

Rules of the Game

If I ask you if you know the rules of football, the vast majority of people would say yes (with the exception of the off side rule!). We take it for granted that we know what it's all about but when you think about it, you haven't always known how the game is played. At some point (at school, watching TV, playing with Dad) the rules had to be learnt.

Business owners can be guilty of thinking that everyone knows the rules of their business (as well as they know football). The truth is they won't. The business owner has been living, sleeping and breathing their business so they know what they mean. They know their own rules (especially the unwritten ones!) and ‘assume' that staff will also know and understand them. One of the biggest roles HR has to play in business is to ensure there are no assumptions by achieving clarity around the rules of the company (this would include things like contracts of employment, policies and procedures, codes of conduct).

There is not one company that I have worked with who set out to be a bad employer. However, in the attempt to be a good employer, many have found that ‘being nice' has backfired and without the 'rules', they can be taken advantage of, left vulnerable and/or some kind of conflict arises.

Very simply, you cannot be a nice employer until you have the foundations and boundaries in place!  This means putting in place the rules of your game.

HR For SMEs helps you identify the rules you need to consider for your business.

An extract from "HR for SMEs - a practical guide"

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