Making your Handbook interesting to your employees


Let's be honest, most handbooks are boring. They are lengthy documents that are normally read once and then hidden away. As an employer you want your employees to be reviewing this information on a regular basis.  How are your employees going to know what standards and rules they must abide by or what policies and procedures they should be following if they don't have that information to hand?

Here are a few ways to make your handbook more interesting:-

  • Values & Vision Statements - State the reason why your employees come to your workplace everyday rather than to someone else's. Your values, vision statement etc set the framework for the rest of your policies and procedures and state the goals you are working towards.
  • Brand it - A well branded employee handbook can communicate to employees (and potential employees) what working for your Company is really like.
  • Employee Benefits - If you have employee benefits, include them in the front of your handbook - not buried at the back! The rest of the handbook revolves around YOUR expectations so make sure your employees are aware of what THEY can expect from you in return.
  • Ditch the paper - The majority of individuals are ‘online' in some shape or form, so it's an ideal opportunity to leave the paper handbook behind and move over to an online equivalent. Taking your handbook online has many benefits which I will be discussing further in my next blog.

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