Knowing your Position


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"HR for SMEs" uses the analogy of Football to explain the purpose and importance of HR in any just go along with the analogy below....

Knowing your position

In football the goal is very clear. Every player on the team is focused on scoring goals and not letting goals in their own net (in business this may be being focused on getting new Clients and not losing existing Clients). 

Players will either support the forwards, passing the ball to them or they will be defending their own goal.  They are all clear about what their role is on the team and the consequences if they go 'out of position'. No one will thank the goalie who decides to run up the pitch to score a goal, leaving his goal undefended.

Your team - your employees - need to be clear about their position and how they contribute to the overall goal(s) of your business. They need to know the impact on the rest of the team if they go out of position or don't perform.  And people need to co-operate with each other even if they have very different roles.

So how do your employees get to know what their position is? Well give them a job description. Not just a list of duties but a job description that gives clarity about how they need to do their job and how they will be measured. And make sure they know how they fit into the bigger picture and what the consequences are if they 'go out of position' or play badly!

Often, business owners and managers can be guilty of saying 'they should know what they should be doing - its common sense'. Well, I hate to tell you, but common sense is not that common!  And we all have our own common sense!

So take time to write down what you expect from each job and think about how you will measure how someone is successful. It will be harder than you think. And if you find it difficult then how can you expect your players to get it right without guidance from you?

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