How up to date is your employee handbook?


Every organisation should have an employee handbook in place to communicate policies,  procedures and standards.  These should be reviewed on a regular basis dependant on the changing needs of the business and changes in HR / employment legislation. On average you'll find that an employee handbook should get updated several times per year.

So what happens if you don't keep it up date?

  • Your employee handbook is a record of what is expected from your employees, should you have an employment issue, an out of date handbook can be a real liability.
  • If your employee handbook is not maintained your employees will go elsewhere for guidance - either wasting the time of other employees or turning to the (often inaccurate or misleading) information from the internet - or the bloke down the pub!
  • Giving an out of date employee handbook to a new recruit will give a bad impression of your organisation and its attitude to HR, policies, procedures and compliance.

So what can you do about it? An easy way to make sure your employee handbook is always up to date to take it online. Updates are quick and easy and can be communicated out to employees via email - making sure you are always compliant with HR policy. Saving you time, worry and money. Click here for Practical HR's online employee handbook solution.

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