How to stay in touch with Remote Workers


Remote working in some form is a necessity for many organisations but it does pose issues with regards to communication and keeping you employees updated. Being a remote worker can sometimes feel that ‘you are being left out of the loop' but what can you do as an organisation to minimize the issue:

  • Incorporate online systems
  • Keep communication open
  • Keep them updated
  • If required use technology to track productivity and performance

Practical HR offers a perfect solution. Our bespoke HR websites allow your employees to access important HR information without having to be in the office. We can also email updates to your employees and you can use our online forms to incorporate holiday requests, self certification, KPI reports etc - a great way to keep your employees informed and updated.

One thing to consider with regards to remote workers and the requirement to use computers, tablets, mobile phones is possible excessive usage. Make sure you have a robust computer, internet, and mobile telephone use policy in place so that your employees are aware about appropriate use of Company IT/mobile equipment and internet usage.

Please click here to view details on Practical HRs bespoke HR websites.

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