HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR HOME GROWN MANAGERS - From our guest blogger Ray Moore of Fluid Coaching


As a business grows it becomes necessary to create a more formal structure and appoint managers to take on some of the responsibility of running the business. Who better than the loyal and trusted employees who have helped the business owner in the early stages of growth to take on more responsibility.

Often the business started by the owner is a continuation of their former employment. The experience and skills they needed to start the business were acquired through training and mentoring perhaps even an apprenticeship. Interesting, there is the assumption that with this experience comes a natural insight in how to manage. Somehow the necessary skills will be picked up along the way by just doing the job.

Can you imagine the scenario of say an electrician or structural engineer picking up their skills on the job.

It just wouldn't happen.

The consequences could be catastrophic!

Over the years I have seen so many companies being run by these ‘home grown managers'.

Home grown managers are the life blood in the early stages of a growing business. They hold the culture, knowledge and understanding of the business. They have their fingers in many pies and by sheer hard work and tenacity they ‘manage' to get by. However, the business will eventually become restricted and unable to scale up the business will not achieve it's potential. The business starts to outgrow the ‘home grown managers'. Feeling more and more out of their depth they resist change to maintain the status quo and protect their position.

Often the temptation is to blame the old guard and to look to introduce ‘professional' managers from outside. Latest research however shows that this can rip out the founding drive and determination at the heart of many growth companies and can have a long term negative impact on growth.

What's the solution?

Well the first step is to be aware of the situation. Realise that being a manager is not just a change in title. It is the biggest development leap that most individuals are asked to make in their working career.

So, take the time to involve them in their own future. Perhaps some, when asked, may not want to grow but give them the opportunity to step up.

For those that are ready it's time to invest in a ‘home grown mangers' apprenticeship to transform them into those professional managers of the future.

Based on concepts covered in  ‘The Levels- Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?  and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge? 

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