Many small businesses do not have the scope or budget for a separate HR department but still have to make sure that they are compliant and up to date. Your HR Services is a bespoke HR website which includes all of your policies and procedures managed by us. But how will it protect your organisation? I'll tell you how:

Your HR Services protects your organisation by ensuring that your Company is kept up to date with changes in legislation and that you are always compliant.

More than this, the policy documents and information recommended by Practical HR give you flexibility and provide wider protection.

You will have clear policies that will help prevent misunderstandings and clarify the rules, putting the Company in a strong position if there are any 'disputes'.

One of the biggest defences for an employee is ‘I didn't know, I wasn't told'.  By having the ability to email employees whenever there is an update, no one can say that they were not informed of any changes. You can also insist that requests for holiday are made via the electronic forms on the site therefore no employee can argue that they didn't know how to get onto the site!!

See what one of our existing clients has to say about Your HR Services:

"One of our frustrations was updating the team on any changes in legislation, but since using ‘Your HR Services' this is no longer a problem for us and saves us hours. It is good to know that our staff can see that there is transparency in our Policies and Procedures by having one central place to view them; it also makes us look much more professional on the HR front."

Duncan Sheekey, Platt Rushton LLP, Chartered Accountants

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