Exit and Transfers


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Exit and Transfers

We could all learn something from the idea of 'Transfers' in football. Players' transferring is common practice and discussed openly.

It is recognised that just because a player does not do well on one team, this does not necessarily mean they will not do well on another.

This can be the same in business. Just because an employee struggles or does not fit in to your business and your team, does not mean they cannot be a shining star somewhere else. So maybe it is better to help them move on.

In my experience, if the Company is 'frustrated' by a situation (an employee's performance, behaviour or conduct), then generally the employee is also feeling it.  If they are not, you may need to point a few things out! And there are times when you need to use formal procedures to this.

What is important is to address the situation and not let it fester - this can be truly bad for business.

In these situations dialogue is your best way forward. Yes this may (or may not) have to be within a formal setting (e.g. disciplinary), but communicating what the problems are has to be the starting point.

It is also possible to have conversations under a 'settlement agreement'. This is where the law recognises that sometimes things are just not going to work out. It allows you to agree the 'terms' under which someone will exit the business and protects the business against the employee making a claim against the Company. However, these do need to be managed carefully so take advice.

But don't ignore these situations and think they will go away. They will not.  They will affect your business. Can you imagine Leicester City winning the League if they had had even one player who was not on board with the rest of the team or not performing!

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