Don't lose sight of what you want to achieve - From our guest blogger, Ray Moore of Fluid Coaching


As we speed to the end of another year it is so easy to dive for cover during the festive break.

Time for a well earned rest; time to recharge your batteries; time to eat, drink and be merry.

Don't forget to take time to pat yourselves on the back for all the hard work and success over the last year!

You deserve it!

Enjoy the moment but before you get back into that harness reaffirm what you want to achieve.

It's a great time to refocus and re-clarify.

Book some time now in your diary before the end of the year to;



REVIEW and then


So here are five questions that you might want to mull over.

What size is your business now compared to where you want it to be?

Have you reached a comfort zone where everything is ticking over nicely?

Do you feel you are missing opportunities and if so what is stopping you taking advantage of them?

As the owner, what kind of hours are you putting in and are you happy to continue this?

How willing are you to change your way of thinking and doing to achieve your End in Mind?

Move forward by taking your understandings from this year, into next year to make sure you get real value from 2016.


I hope you enjoyed the post and found it thought provoking.

I published The Levels: Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge in 2013 and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge in 2015 to help business leaders achieve long term sustainable growth using strategies I used successfully for many years.

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