Create a Winning Team


Have you ever wondered what differentiates a winning team from a team that has great potential but never quite makes it?

In sport it is often quite clear.

We often see teams made up of individual star performers who although full of talent don't play together as a cohesive team and are beaten by a team made up of perhaps less talented players who pull together and produce a performance above their perceived skill level.

Take a moment and I'm sure you will come up with many examples from Rugby, Football, Cricket ......

It's the difference between the performance of an All Star Team and a Team of All Stars.

Let me explain.

The members of an All Star Team are inspired to passionately work for each other to achieve a common goal, putting aside their own egos to achieve success for the team. Their combined performance is far, far beyond what would be expected from them individually. They have a desire to be part of the team and produce exceptional performances that justify their place in the team.

Whereas, members in a Team of All Stars play as individuals for their own goals, promoting their own success and massaging their own egos. Their combined performance is way below what would be expected. They just do enough to justify their place in the team and rest on the laurels of their past successes.

In the early stages of growing a business it is easy to focus and recruit talented individuals that become the backbone of a Team of All Stars. Once established, they enjoy and are prepared to protect their ‘Star' status at the expense of other members of the team, often ensuring new talent is stifled and thwarted.Although they may be loyal employees that have been with the company from day one, if they are not aligned to the company goals, they will start to restrict the future of the company. Potentially the team may gently settle into a Team of Also-Rans!

In business the transition to an All Star Team can be one of the hardest and most painful steps in Setting out the Stall to grow to the next level.*

Take a moment to consider whether you have created an All Star Team or Team of All Stars (or perhaps a Team of Also-Rans!).

Then answer these four questions

  1. What impact is the type of team currently having on your business?
  2. Will the type of team allow you and your business to achieve your goals?
  3. Are you the leader that will inspire exceptional performance from an All Star Team?
  4. Do you need to take some hard decisions?

Based on concepts covered in  ‘The Levels- Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?  and The Levels: Can YOU Step Up to the Growth Challenge? 

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