With all the will in the world no business owner, Manager or Supervisor can plan for everything BUT you can be prepared. An unexpected power shortage, fire or flood or an employee emergency could throw your operation into disarray but being prepared will allow you to bring the situation under control and hopefully allow your business to continue.

Where to start?
Keeping people informed is crucial; you will need to contact your employees to advise them of the situation and any changes in working hours, location etc. In order to do this you will need to collate the relevant contact details for all employees.

What information do I need?
We recommend that a standard (emergency) employee contact list contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact number - both mobile and landline
  • Personal email address
  • Next of kin or emergency contact details

Keeping it up to date
An emergency contact list always need to be up to date, you will need to ask your employees to advise of any changes to personal information. This can be done manually or you can make the process even easier by implementing an online HR website with all the relevant online forms. Regular reminders will also make sure that your employees are keeping their information up to date.

A contact list such as this should only be distributed to those who need it, for example your Directors/Manager/Supervisors.  You should clarify how it is going to be used, Who is going to phone who, what message will be conveyed, will further updates be provided by email etc.

You may never experience a business emergency but as the old adage says "BE PREPARED".

Top tip - although it is imperative to have employee information in case of emergencies, it would also be beneficial to keep key suppliers and Clients informed of any relevant issues in order to manage their expectations.

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