It's that time of year when employers start organising next year.  Part of this is to calculate and allocate holiday entitlement.  Every worker is entitled to 5.6 weeks leave per year, this equates to 28 days for a full time person who works 5 days per week.  If you give enhanced contractual holidays, all you need to do is add 0.2 for each extra day, for example 5 weeks entitlement plus bank holidays equates to 6.6 weeks or 33 days (including bank holidays).

Most employers allocate the 8 bank holidays to be taken from the employees' entitlement leaving them with 20 days to book when they wish to take it (subject to your agreement / authorisation).

The 28 days is pro-rated for part time workers and there is generally a lot of confusion as to how the allocation of bank holidays works for part time employees and very often the employer does not make a deduction when an employee's normal working day falls on a bank holiday. 

Based on statutory entitlement (of 5.6 weeks per annum) any employee who works 3 (days per week) x 5.6 (weeks entitlement) = 16.8 days rounded up to the nearest day is 17 days per annum.

But did you know, you can have 2 people working 4 days per week and although their gross entitlement is the same (22.5 days), when a bank holiday falls on a day the employee would normally be working, this should be deducted from their holiday allocation.  To make matters more confusing when you take bank holidays into account their disposable holiday can be quite different.  Please see the table below (using statutory entitlement). 

Days worked per week
Days Worked       
Holiday entitlement (weeks)
Gross entitlement (days)
Deduct Bank Holidays (falling on working days
Days Remaining
 Employee 1
 Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
 4  5.6  22.5  2  20.5
 Employee 2
 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
 4  5.6  22.5  7  15.5
 2017 Bank Holidays
 02/01/2017   Monday  0  1      
 14/04/2017  Friday  1  0      
 17/04/2017  Monday  0  1      
 01/05/2017  Monday  0  1      
 29/05/2017  Monday  0  1      
 28/08/2017  Monday  0  1      
 25/12/2017  Monday  0  1      
 26/12/2017  Tuesday  1  1      
   Deduct (days normally worked)
 2  7      

Because Christmas and New Year fall on different days each year, the part time disposable holiday allocation will also vary from year to year as well.

It is important that the holiday entitlement is properly allocated to part time workers and deductions are made for bank holidays (as above), otherwise full time workers are treated less favourably.

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