About GDPR Blogs

    GDPR is the hot topic at the moment. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is worrying about it!

    Why is everyone worrying? Well GDPR will affect every business and organisation regardless of their size or industry. And it will covers every area of the business. It is a step-change in data protection and puts the security and respect of personal data at its centre.

    We will be doing a series of blogs and articles on GDPR. These will give you an overview of GDPR - for HR and for the business as a whole.

    Our first article will be published and communicated on Thursday 22nd March 2018 (and then weekly for the next 6 weeks).


    Useful Links

    GDPR (Regulation 2016/679/EU) -

    Information Commissioner's Office / Telephone number: 0303 123 1113

    GDPR for HR from Practical HR

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